About SNAP

The World Food Programme’s (WFP) Safety Nets Alert Platform (SNAP) is a demand-driven and innovative online platform that uses state-of-the-art analytical tools to produce food security early warning, and enhance risk management and social protection. SNAP helps devise timely and evidence-based policies and interventions in support of the most vulnerable. More detail..

The Platform


The Shock Impact Simulation is done through a macroeconomic modelling system called SISMod that brings new possibilities to allow timely quantitative assessments on the ex-ante and ex-post impact of various types of shocks (market, economic, sociopolitical, climatic, etc.) on household vulnerability. It identifies and profiles vulnerable groups, estimating to what extent they are in need. The simulations can help governments in anticipating shocks derived from specific policies or externalities, making sure the most vulnerable are protected by the most adequate safety nets. In shock-affected countries, the model provides early estimates of the impacts of shocks before any field assessment, informing the initial response. The model is designed ad hoc for each country, based on context-specific data and informing on specific output variables of interest.
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The Food Prices Early Warning is done using an indicator that monitors the extent to which a local food experiences abnormally high food price levels. Food price crises are correlated with food security crises. Early detection of rising prices supports decision making and early action. Early warnings allow WFP, governments and other partners to be aware of the latest trends of food prices and take appropriate actions to absorb any expected shock. More detail..


SNAP has been made possible thanks to the generous contributions of the Government of Japan, and the Government of Sweden through the C-Adapt Fund. iMMAP has contributed with in-kind technical support for the platform development.


SSNAP is the result of complementary efforts of several WFP staff at different technical and managerial aspects. The project has been pioneered by the WFP Regional Bureau for North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe (RBC) and its management is located in Cairo.
The initiative is part of the RBC Vulenrability Analysis & Mapping (VAM) unit portfolio and it is coordinated by the Economic and Market Analysis team. Highly technical support is provided by the VAM team in WFP Headquarters. The platform development was designed by the Information Management team of WFP RBC with technical support from iMMAP. The IT unit in RBC hosts the SNAP server and provides prompt IT support whenever needed. Finally government staff play a critical role in every analysis carried out with SNAP, sharing their data, advising throughout the analytical process and making sure the results are consistent with their reality and informative for their purposes.

Team members: Filippo Minozzi (Economic & Market Analysis Lead), Lyubomyr Kokovskyy (SNAP Analyst), Heinar Hesham (Economic and Market Analyst) and Ahmed Badr (IT associate and SNAP developer).


World Food Programme Regional Bureau in Cairo (RBC)

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